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Dao Pay: More revenue – no credit card needed.

Whether you’re an established online business or a brand new startup, accepting daopay is almost certainly the easiest way for you to instantly grow your business without any significant development or marketing investment. Because although you might already accept all the major credit cards and even PayPal, chances are you are missing out on a …

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AlertPay is an internet payment service allowing you to send and receive money online securely and quickly. Member to Member TransferSend a payment to an AlertPay member by creating a transaction. Payments are instant and both parties will receive a confirmation email for proof of payment. Member to Non-Member TransferNon-members can also receive payments from …

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Better new PayPal

The well known on-line payment solution: PayPal has now a new and much more actual looking appearance. Which brings to the point shouldn’t they alarm their user about this change. When I typed the address and saw the new vision I somehow decided that misspelled the name somehow. And I was wondering for a couple …

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