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PayPal vs. Moneybookers

By Trifonoff Oct29,2007

I am using both PayPal and Moneybookers for quite a time and I can’t stop thinking that Moneybookers is much better in a few ways. It has better design and functionality and it makes me feel much more secured because of its code and SMS options.

PayPal has a really large market piece and this is the reason I need it but despite the fact that it is the most powerful on-line payment solution in the United States it has no real argument in the fight against Moneybookers. I read so many threads with users who lost thousands of money in PayPal that I really feel horrified every time I need to use this payment processor.

I need to have a separate debit card for PayPal which is the other reason I really dislike it. Using Moneybookers with my bank account is much safer and I know that my money is where they should be.

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