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Which internet payment system (wallet) should I use?

By Trifonoff Oct31,2007

It is getting more and more difficult to choose an on-line payment system due to its getting bigger number and negative echoes in the major forums.

Most of the “paid to” programs, as well as the so called hyip (hyper yield investment programs) and other not very respectable site use e-gold which is really easy way to transact on the internet. It has its very serious advantages: you keep your money in gold so you don’t have to worry about the dollar going down and down. They will never ask for your ID and block your account due suspicious transactions. But, it has really serious commissions you need to pay when deposit and then when withdraw.

Speaking about gambling sites Moneybookers is definitely the right decision. It works with most of the bookmakers and its commissions are acceptable. And it is quite secure and users’ friendly processor.

And for the major sites and auctions it is PayPal the only solution. They are the biggest and they work just fine for the most of their US costumers. Regretfully, they have no alternative in many interesting programs so in a way PayPal is obligatory.

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