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PayPay is the new alternative of PayPal

By Trifonoff Oct27,2007

Recently there is a boom of new on-line payment solutions and each of them is aggressively trying to attract costumers by all means available. This particular site: PayPay is easy to be mistaken (I didn’t even noticed the difference in the name with the PayPal).

I first noticed the similarities not only in the names but in site design and functionality. Then when I looked deeper and I found very interesting new features like:

1. It is possible to have several PayPay accounts with different currencies and each of them to have different email address and cell phone number.

2. Improved mobile phone functionality: it is easy to transfer funds to anyone on cell phone number. It is really revolutionary that you can transfer funds without logging in PayPay system through the internet only by your mobile phone.

3. Costumers can receive funds on their PayPay accounts from anyone, even if the sender is not a PayPay user.

I plan to test this payment processor carefully mainly because I liked that fact that they are innovative and the superb functionality of their web site (much better than PayPal). Of course they are going to need time to develop the system completely and include more counties in their list but so far it looks really good.

You can take a look by yourself: PayPay

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