Mon. Jul 22nd, 2024

Brief overview of the costs of electronic payments

Online payment systems normally have similar pricing structure and their unique charging elements. A few have monthly or annual administration fee but the most of the internet payment processors do not charge for the time you keep your money in their accounts. It is strongly advisable that you examine their specific structures in details before you register in any of them. You can find the product information on their sites in their terms of use.

The cost per transaction is the main source of income for every payment system. A few of the providers charge a percentage on each transaction and a few of them have a flat fee or a combination between them (for instance Moneybookers charge 1% but not more than $0,50).

The specific costs of each product depend on the average transaction value of each specific business। The other important factors are: online turnover transaction, perceived security risk, exposure level, frequency and the period the company has been trading.

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